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An Extract from “Bazinga”

Smitty turned the rearview mirror his way and examined his wounds. The big gash continued to bleed. He took a fresh gauze pad out of the first aid kit in the console between the seats, and held it to his … Continue reading

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Fall 1988, The Trumpeter

Here’s an article I wrote in university.  It was published in the Trumpeter, a quarterly journal devoted to ecosophy: The Trumpeter is available on-line at  

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The Window Repair Man

The window repair man arrived at the house. The key was where the glass shop dispatcher had told him to look for it, under the garden gnome in the flower bed near the front door. He had the key ready … Continue reading

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Late Afternoon with Jack and Caleb

August 14, 2012 (I wrote this last summer while Caleb was still around) Late Afternoon with Jack and Caleb I’ve lived for 22 years in a house in Cadboro Bay, a great ocean-side community in Victoria, B.C.  My home office … Continue reading

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Terminal A At the age of 16 I got my first real job.  I became a part-time mail handler at the Post Office Department, which in 1969 was not yet called Canada Post.  I worked at Terminal A, a huge … Continue reading

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CALEB’S PASSING Caleb the dog died Sunday, March 10, the first day of daylight savings time in 2013. Caleb was a Golden Retriever and I raised him from a pup.  He was born on April 30, 2001, which means he … Continue reading

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